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Pegg’d is an exciting Social Event application, users have several different options to sign in through Facebook, Twitter or Personal Email. Just download our Application on the App Store, and follow these easy steps to set up your new account.

Social Network

On Pegg’d you can connect with your friends from pretty much anywhere! Whether its Facebook, Twitter or Google, you can follow your friends, import your friends as contacts or you can even invite your friends to join Pegg’d!

Event Feed

The event feed on Pegg’d is amazing. Its an ongoing stream of awesome events happening in your area. Wherever you happen to be at the moment, Pegg’d uses geolocation to find out where you are, and what events are trending. Whether its Sports, Art, Music, Theater or Family events. Pegg’d offers a wide range of events for you to choose from the Event Feed.


Pegg’d was designed with three principles, to discover events happening in your city, see which events your friends are attending and buy tickets for those events. Pegg’d offers a ton of other features to share events with your friends, peg events to your calendar and share events via Facebook or Twitter.


What makes Pegg’d so amazing?! Pegg’d is so amazing because its not just a Social Event Application, its a Social Calendar. You can Pegg all of the events you want onto your Calendar directly on the application. All events automatically sync to your iPhone as well, so theres no need to go back and forth! You’lll never miss out on an event ever again!


Last but definitely not least, you can customize your profile on Pegg’d. When you create your profile, you can follow your friends and they can follow you. Your profile page has your name, location, and interests.

On your profile page, friends can see what events you have saved, what venues you like to visit, events you have created and events you have RSVP’D to.

You can use Pegg'd any way that fits your lifestyle.
You're free to share, create and rsvp as much as you like on Pegg'd.
You don't have to worry about Privacy either, you can control all of your privacy settings.
We'll never share your personal calendar, its for your eyes only.

So what are you waiting for?
Get on Pegg'd today, and start following all your friends and family!

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